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Ағылшын тілі сабағы Healthy body, healthy mind

Unit 5. Our health

School: Akkol secondary school #1

Date: 22. 01

Teacher’s name: Goryunova A. V.

Class: 6

Number present:    


Theme of the Lesson:

Healthy body, healthy mind

Learning objective(s) that this lesson is contributing to  understand most specific information and detail of supported, extended talk on a range general and curricular topics curricular topics  use appropriate subject-specific vocabulary and syntax to talk about a limited range of general  topics, and some curricular topics use modal forms including, mustn’t (prohibition), need (necessity), should (for advice) on a range of  familiar general and curricular topics

Lesson objectives

  • To improve listening skills for specific information
  • To apply topic related vocabulary in speech appropriately arranging words and phrases into well-formed sentences.
  • To use modal verbs “should” in positive and negative forms correctly

Assessment criteria

  • A learner can answer at least 3 questions correctly in listening
  • A learner can use some topical vocabulary correctly  
  • A learner can give advice using the modal verb “should” correctly

Value links

Cooperation, respect to each other, collaborative work

Cross curricular links

Physical Education, Phycology,

Previous learning

Health problems


Planned timings

Planned timings





















Organizational moment

Teacher greets students.

Teacher sets positive atmosphere by asking such ice breaking questions as

  • How was your weekend?
  • What date is it today?
  • What is the weather like today?

Teacher discusses learning objectives with the students.

  Warm –up.  

  1. Phonetic drill
  2. Matching (remedy/health problem) on the board

5 min assessment : complete the sentences

Ss check themselves


Teacher can use Handout 1 to ask learners in pairs to match the problems with advice and then learners write the answers.

Students  guess the theme of the lesson (Health)


PPT slides 1-3





PPT Slide 4


PPT Slide 5


Handout 1


































The teacher  divides students into groups (everybody takes a piece of paper with proverb`s words and make a proverb)

Teacher shows a PPT slide with the examples.

Teacher elicits learners when should and shouldn’t are used. Learners work in pairs and match the problems and the advice. S1 show – S2 ask – S3 answer – S4 advise

Learners use the advice and should or shouldn’t to make a sentence.


Focus on listening


Teacher shows a PPT slide and explains to learners that they should complete the speech bubbles with the words in the box.

Learners should write down the full sentences into their copybooks.

Learners listen and check their answers.

Teacher drills the pronunciation of the new words.


Key: 1. cold 2. headache 3. sore throat 4.runny nose 5. stomach ache  6.temperature  7. toothache 8. earache



Learners listen to a conversation between a doctor and a patient and complete the notes given. Peers assess each other according to the answers provided by the teacher.


Key: 1. sore throat 2. stomach ache 3. flu 4. take painkillers 5. drink warm tea

Teacher asks and makes notes on the number of correct answers and writes down the answers on the board so that learners could correct spelling mistakes.  


Post-listening: Speaking: Role play  

Learners work in pairs and use experiences from their life to hold a life-like conversation:

Student A imagines s/he has got one of the problems in pre-listening activity and s/he goes to a doctor (Student B). Student A tells Student B what’s wrong with him/her and asks for advice.

Student B imagines s/he is a doctor. Student A has got a problem. Student B asks what’s wrong and gives him/her advice. Student B is to use should and shouldn’t and some of the ideas in the box.

Pairs act out their dialogues in front of the class.

Teacher listens attentively and makes notes on the mistakes made by learners then teacher elicits the correct answers from students.

Teacher asks students about health rules: what should we do to be healthy? (Ss answer) what can you think about sport? Is it a good way to keep fit? What sport do you know?

Relax time.

Students sing a song ‘My favourite sport is gymnastics’

Everybody wants to be healthy, wealthy and wise. Read the rules using must or mustn`t

All of students have a piece of paper(a heart). They write a good rule to be healthy and give it guests



PPT Slide 6






PPT slide 7-8

Audio Track 1

(Pioneer Elementary by H.Q. Mitchell-Marileni Malkogianni)


Handout 2, Audio Track 2

(Pioneer Elementary by H.Q. Mitchell-Marileni Malkogianni)








Handout 3 or PPT Slide












Check HW ex. 5 p 55 ; ex. 6 p. 56



At the end of the lesson, learners reflect on their learning:

Learners throw the dice to find out a random question they should answer.

  • I like…
  • I would like to know …
  • Today I have learnt …



PPT Slide 9




DIFFERENTIATION – how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more able learners?

ASSESSMENT – how are you planning to check learners’ learning?

Health and safety rules


Teacher can identify different learning abilities and adapt their vocal explanations and support to different academic levels.  Teacher should use targeted questions which can produce different responses in pupils of different learning profiles.

Monitoring learners’ while doing different activities during the lesson and providing different types of feedback (on the sport or delayed).

Peer assessment



Make sure power cords are not a tripping hazard

Everyday classroom precautions

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